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Mr. Pooler received his Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from Louisiana State University (LSU) in 1996 with a concentration in Environmental Geology and joined Hydro-Environmental Technology, Inc. shortly thereafter.

Mr. Pooler implements and oversees soil and groundwater assessments and subsequent groundwater monitoring at several facilities, including coordination of sampling and notification to the regulating agency of planned site activities, compilation of soil and groundwater data, preparation of groundwater flow and contaminant plume maps, and the preparation of Assessment Reports for submittal to the agency. Mr. Pooler has authored several technical reports, including Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, Environmental Site Assessments, and Monitoring Reports. As part of his risk assessment experience, Mr. Pooler has conducted several soil gas investigations, air exchange ratio calculations, and evaluations of the potential for volatile emissions from soil and water to an enclosed structure. Dependant upon available data, appropriate recommendations are made by Mr. Pooler concerning the need for additional investigations, remediation, or closure.

His responsibilities also include work plan preparation and submittal to the LDEQ or LDNR for approval, implementation of field activities, including drilling, sampling, field screening, preparation of geologic boring logs, and overall coordination of field activities, including remedial activities, if warranted. He effectively evaluates vertical and horizontal extent of contamination, determines potential sources based on the data generated and available historical information, and develops plans for well and boring placement locations. All field and laboratory data is compiled by Mr. Pooler into a final report that characterizes the contaminant plume and determines the appropriate regulatory standard to be applied to the site.

Mr. Pooler has developed an extensive knowledge of the LDEQ Risk Evaluation/Corrective Action Program (RECAP) and is the Project Manager of RECAP Evaluations on various sites, including oilfield locations, UST and aboveground storage tank, and solid/hazardous waste facilities. He has authored numerous RECAP Evaluations and conducted research of Risk Evaluation Programs in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas, where he is a registered Professional Geologist (#6012). His expertise regarding the RECAP Regulations is provided to other Project Managers within the firm, whom he advises and assists regarding site specific RECAP issues.


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